Saturday Steals : Vanessa Mooney Jewelry

Happy Saturday Everyone!


So to start off my weekend I decided to go check out a sample sale in LA this morning! I have been obsessed with accessories lately and when I heard Vanessa Mooney was teaming up with For Love And Lemons for a sale I just couldn’t resist!


The sale started at 10am, and I had sworn to myself that I would get there when it opened to get the first pick….well that didn’t happen (no surprise there!) I just like my sleep a little too much. I ended up getting to LA at around 11ish, not to bad right? WRONG!
The line was I N S A N E!


After about 2 hours I finally made it in through the warehouse doors to the holy grail. Immediately I pushed through the crowd and made my way straight to the jewelry table while most girls were distracted with the clothes from For Love And Lemons. I don’t know if I’m just going through a phase, but lately I’ve been more interested in accessories and shoes than dresses and blouses. Maybe it’s because I’ve realized that quality accessories are much harder to find than clothes.


Anyways! After scrambling through piles on piles of precious metals, I found way too much I liked (oops!)

Anddd didn’t have the heart to give any of it up, so I took it all home. Hehe sorry Nicc!


Now I have a gorgeous new collection of accessories to help me transition from Summer to Fall, so thanks Vanessa Mooney!
You are too talented!


Thanks for reading! xo


What do you think? Would you rather splurge a little on clothes or accessories?


  • Awesome jewelries !

    • Thank you! I wore the earrings yesterday & am in love!

  • awesome jewelry!

    • Karen

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked it

  • The fan-shapped earrings though, are so cute. Love the vintage/bohemian vibe of these jewels too!



    • Karen

      Thanks for reading 🙂 I love how they dangle lower too, most of my other earrings are pretty dainty.

  • Nicole

    Woooow these are sooo gorgeous!! I love them all! 🙂

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    • Karen

      Thanks! I’m super excited to wear them!!