A Peak At My Beachside Studio Apartment!

Little Black Shell - beachside studio apartment tuft & needle mattress

Hey Guys! Long time no post. Since getting back to California life has been crazy! Trying to re-build a life after selling everything (furniture, cars, etc) is time-consuming to say the least. It’s been a little over 2 months since I got back from my world travels and I am JUST starting to feel normal again. I finally found a beachside studio apartment in the area I wanted to live in and have my dogs back. I also got a car and are finally getting to catch up with old friends. The only thing missing now is furniture!

Little Black Shell - beachside studio apartment puppy

Little Black Shell - beachside studio apartment puppy

Little Black Shell - beachside studio apartment succulents of windowsill

Little Black Shell - beachside studio apartment bali style decorLittle Black Shell - beachside studio apartment kitchenLittle Black Shell - beachside studio apartment

As you can see, my studio apartment is still pretty empty. I moved in mid-March and have slowly been looking for ways to fill the space. The good thing is that I am no longer sleeping on the floor, thanks to Tuft & Needle! I got a queen mattress from them and it’s amazing! Their special T&N adaptive foam gives me the best night’s sleep. It adapts to your body and helps you keep cool. Cool, right? haha. They also cut out middlemen to keep fair prices – no crazy markups! You seriously need to check them out. Mia is obviously loving the new mattress!

Little Black Shell - beachside studio apartment book basket Little Black Shell - beachside studio apartment succulents on window Little Black Shell - beachside studio apartment basket in bathroom
Little Black Shell - beachside studio apartment succulent

Other than a mattress, I basically just have a bunch of baskets… I kinda have a basket obsession at the moment which I picked up from my travels. My favorite places – Greece and Bali – were all about using baskets and straw/ratan in decor and it just kinda stuck with me. Everything on my “Get in my home.” Pinterest board has baskets all over! So, I have been going to flea markets weekly in search for the coolest baskets. The Long Beach Antique Market is my current favorite! So. Many. Baskets!! I even got my friend, Audrie Storme, into them too. I’m also obsessed with plants – Audrie got me into those. I guess we traded?

Anyways, I hope you like this little preview of my studio apartment. I’ll be doing a YouTube video as well showing you my studio apartment more in-depth. Be sure to subscribe to keep updated! I’ve already posted some travel vlogs on there that you need to check out ASAP 😉

If you know of any cool home decor/furniture brands that are beachy or bohemian – let me know! I seriously need some furniture!

xx, Karen


*** Update – Empty Apartment Video Tour Below! ***


  • What a beautiful little space =o) I can’t wait to move soon and decorate my next space =o)


    • I’m happy you like my little home 🙂 And decorating a new space is the best!! Happy for your move!

      OMG! Thank you so much xx you’re the sweetest <3

  • Kate

    Wow, I didn’t know you returned home. I still thought you were still traveling. I actually remembered the day when you said you were selling all of your possessions. I must say, I’m sure you miss your furniture, but I like how minimalist your apartment is.

    • I got back at the end of January! It still feels weird to be back! But I’m actually happy to have none of my old furniture or possessions. There’s a reason I left it all behind 🙂

      Thanks for following along this whole time! Hope you enjoyed the travel posts! I’ll still be traveling but it’s nice to have a place to call home haha